Our new 65% Mega Milk Egg is "utterly glorious" according to the Guardian today

Our new 65% Mega Milk Egg is "utterly glorious" according to the Guardian today

We were delighted to see that our new single origin Madagascar 65% Mega Milk egg is one of the Top 10 Best Easter Eggs according to the Guardian today April 6th 2017.

After much tasting of over 70 eggs, they came up with their top 10 list & this is how they described our egg:

"Chocolate snobs may turn up their noses up at milk chocolate, but more fool them: this 65% cocoa single-origin Madagascan egg is utterly glorious. It's creamy, buttery-smooth, subtly fruity and, crucially, not too sweet. Best of all, you probably wont have to share it."

We are very proud to launch this new single origin Mega Milk chocolate as an egg as we believe that this the lowest sugar milk chocolate egg available in the UK this Easter....and you would never know that it is so low in sugar, as it is so delicious! 

For those of you interested in the stats - it contains 65% cocoa solids, 27% milk, so that only leaves 8% of added sugar which is a tiny amount! Even if you include the natural sugar from the milk solids, this chocolate still contains less sugar than most dark chocolate, even chocolate containing 80% cocoa solids!

Click here to view our Mega Milk egg - available to order now for £16.95 or any 2 of our luxury eggs range for £32

Click here to read the full article in the Guardian

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