We were delighted to hear that yet again, our chocolates are award winners. The results of this year's Great Taste Awards were announced on August 1st & we won a 2 Star Gold for our Cabin Pressure Gin & Rosemary chocolate & a 1 Star Gold for our Conker Gin & Lime Marmalade...a bit of a theme there!
This is the 2nd win for our Cabin Pressure Gin chocolate this year, having already won a Bronze in the 2019 Academy of Chocolate Awards, alongside a 2nd win for our popular Twisted Nose Gin & watercress chocolate in those awards.

We created the Cabin Pressure Gin & Rosemary chocolate after opening our 4th Chocolate House in Horsham last year as we love to collaborate with gin distillers local to each of our chocolate house locations. Distilled by David, he recommends pairing this smooth gin with complex flavour notes with rosemary, so that is what we did in creating this now double award-winning chocolate! We infuse fresh rosemary into fresh Dorset cream & blend it with the gin & Madagascar origin dark chocolate.

This is what the Great Taste judges had to say about this chocolate:
"The gin comes trhough well on the nose and builds slowly in the flavour as well....the rosemary is deftly handled and overall the flavours come together in a brilliantly balanced way. The ganache is also wonderfully smooth. A great chocolate"

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We are also chuffed to see our Conker Gin & Lime chocolate win a Gold Great Taste award too! Originally, we first made this chocolate with a gorse flower infusion but decided it needed more zing, so now there is a layer of lime marmalade, made for us in north Dorset by Susan of the Alweston Jam & Chutney Empire (yes, isn't that the best brand name ever) and the judges appear to agree with us that it was the right call to make!

This is what they had to say about this chocolate:
"visually striking...a smooth and velvety ganache. A delicate lime zing complemented by rich and satisfying cocoa notes. Blended carefully with a good balance of all the components resulting in a delicious chocolate...the lime marmalade gives a delicate hit of citrussy zing...these ae moreish and well made chocolates"

This means that ALL 4 of our Gin chocolates are now winners of at least 1 if not more awards which is great news for all our collaborations which we are very proud of!

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