We are delighted to see our Sea Salt Caramels Easter Egg be rated as "one of the best Easter eggs to buy in 2018" according to Good Housekeeping in their Easter Egg Taste Test.

They described our egg as:
"A little work of art! Uplifting splashes of bright colours on diamond style egg mould. The tempting, rich, lingering smoky caramel taste is associated with coffee and tobacco.
Unfortunately, not everyone was won over by the darker taste of this milk chocolate egg."

We were a bit bemused by the comment about the darker taste of our 43% Venezuelan milk chocolate as surely this is a good thing as it means you are tasting more chocolate & less sugar!
By the way, it is pretty much a straight swap, the more cocoa in a milk chocolate, the less sugar as the milk solids element tends to be around 20-25%. The more cocoa, the better for you & for your tastebuds as you can enjoy more chocolate flavours without sugar overpowering.

If they thought our 43% Venezuelan milk chocolate was "darker", then goodness knows what their tasting panel would have made of our very special 65% Madagascar MegaMilk milk chocolate which contains only 8% added sugar & we all think is utterly delicious!

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Click here to view our 65% MegaMilk Egg

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