Get ready for exams with a single origin hot chocolate

Get ready for exams with a single origin hot chocolate

As students embark on the challenge of exam season, finding effective ways to stay focused, energised, and motivated becomes key. 

Many people may depend on energy drinks to help them get through, but did you know that quality hot chocolate (made with real chocolate flakes) is actually one of the best drinks for the brain and body?

The first step to making a great, energising focussing hot chocolate is choosing the right chocolate.

All of our hot chocolate flakes are made from the finest, sustainable, ethical, single origin chocolate, which we flake from couverture in our Dorset Kitchen.

With varying grades from around the world, you can find the flavour that your family enjoys - from 70% Madagascar origin flakes all the way through to our 100% no added sugar flakes.

Our single origin chocolate flakes can be used to make hot or cold chocolate drinks, and can be made with dairy or plant-based milks, so everyone can enjoy them! All of our dark chocolate flakes are also naturally vegan-friendly.

So, how does hot chocolate help with studying?

Consuming dark chocolate, particularly in moderate amounts, has been associated with several cognitive benefits over the years. 

Dark chocolate contains flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants that support brain health. These compounds have been shown to enhance blood flow to the brain, resulting in improved cognitive function, memory, and attention span. Our dark chocolate flakes, which are much higher in cocoa and lower in sugar than most other chocolates, ensure that you are getting a rich concentration of these beneficial flavonoids, contributing to heightened mental clarity and focus during study sessions.

Not only is a hot chocolate great for brain health, it is also the perfect way to take a moment to relax and feel like you are enjoying a treat. Studying for exams can often feel overwhelming, with stress and anxiety creeping in. Taking breaks and finding moments of relaxation are essential for maintaining productivity and focus.

So why not try a hot chocolate through this exam season and boost your brain!


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