Foodepedia, one of the UK's leading online sites about all things food, has reviewed our Christmas tree & Christmas selection boxes and given us the big thumbs up which great to hear!

Here is an excerpt from their review:

"Never too sweet, each chocolate had a subtle alchemy that's exciting without being too challenging. And it's not only the flavours they get right but the textures as well. Chococo's fillings taste, smell and feel exciting in your mouth and the chocolates themselves are delightful mix of colour, shape and novelty, looking so inviting in their unassuming white box.

I've been to chocolate festivals, tried and tasted chocolate all around the world...and to date there are only two brands that I go out of my way to buy and they're not from the UK.  Now there's three.  And Chococo is one of them. And they're from the UK.

Set up by Andy and Claire Burnet, the couple have been hand-making chocolate since 2002 down in the Jurassic coast of Dorset. They believe they were one of the first UK-based artisanal chocolatiers, leading the way using fresh, local ingredients, fine origin chocolate and no nasty extras. If their chocolates are anything to go by, then I, for one believe them."

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