Bonkers Easter Sales

Bonkers Easter Sales

Co-founder Claire here just to say that we have been blown away by the demand for our Easter eggs this year. It's wonderful to see how much love there is this year for our handcrafted Easter gifts and we are all working our socks off to keep up with demand. We will be put our hands up though and admit that, despite what we thought were big increases in our forecasts when we started planning our production runs, we still got it a bit wrong with our milk & dark chocolate Ocean eggs. They are now out of stock and, whilst we will do our best to make more, we cannot promise that at this moment as demand is so strong for all our other Easter items too!

Our fantastic team of chocolatiers, packers & despatchers are working super hard coming in from silly o'clock in the morning but with Covid restrictions here in terms of keeping our team socially distanced, it is harder than normal for us to make, pack & despatch all our gifts.

Some customers have called us asking when we will be 'getting more eggs in' and I just want to clarify that we don't get anything in, we make all our Easter eggs here at Chococo HQ in Wareham, Dorset! We are a small team and we craft all our eggs by hand in our chocolate kitchen before the packing team then wrap them in food safe tissue and put them into their kraft boxes in the packing room next door.

So the message that the team would like me to pass on is that if you are thinking of ordering, is to please do it now! Please don't leave it too late or close to Easter week, as we may not have the stock of the eggs that you have your eye on and will have run out of time to make more. 

By the way, we have sent out more than 5,000 eggs so far and they all leave us in perfect condition and well wrapped. Each egg is nestled in tissue inside its box & is then wrapped in more paper padding in its postal box.  Before we launched them this year, we conducted postal tests to ensure that they would travel well and to reassure you, we have only had a tiny number of breakages out of the thousands sent so far. Well done Royal Mail!

However, with our practical hats on, this is another reason for not waiting until the last minute to order - if there is a problem with your eggs not having a happy journey, we will run out of time to fix any issues!

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