Chococo offers a wide range of dairy-free, vegan-friendly Easter eggs & gifts

Chococo offers a wide range of dairy-free, vegan-friendly Easter eggs & gifts

Dairy-free and vegan-friendly chocolate seems to be one of the hot topics at the moment, so we have put all our non-dairy dark chocolate Easter eggs & gifts together in one category to make it really easy for you to find them all in one place.

Our range online includes; 4 boxed Easter eggs, from a pure 67% origin dark chocolate egg studded with dark chocolate seaside shapes, to a 67% origin dark egg with Colombian dark chocolate covered coffee beans inside or a very high cocoa solids single origin 85% Madagascan dark chocolate MegaDark egg. We also offer more fun gifts for younger dark chocolate fans including a fun bunny tube filled with assorted Easter shapes, a bunny shaped bar & six foiled eggs filled with mini dark chocolate buttons in a traditional cardboard egg box.

To clear up any confusion, dark chocolate is naturally dairy-free as it is just a blend of cocoa beans & sugar (to a greater or lesser extent) and as such, it is also naturally vegan-friendly AND gluten-free. For some reason, that I have yet to work out why, a lot of people seem to think that chocolate has gluten in it - not so, unless biscuits or other flavours containing gluten have been added & if so, the inclusion of gluten should be highlighted on the ingredients list!

All our dark chocolate Easter eggs & gifts are vegan-friendly except for our dark chocolate Honeycombe egg. The reason for this is that we add local Dorset honey to the honeycombe we make here at Chococo HQ & that is a no-no for most vegans. Apologies vegan folk, but we are not going to change our honeycombe recipe, as we love the flavour notes that including the honey brings to it (& makes it more true to its original name)!

By the way, as we make all our chocolates by hand in our kitchen here in Dorset, we are handling dairy, gluten & nuts in the same room, so we cannot give a guarantee that our dark chocolate gifts are 100% dairy-free - there may be dairy traces and we just want you to be aware of that.

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