How's this for exciting and rather wonderful news on what is alternatively known as Forest Friday, the team at the Sumatra Orangutan Society have just been in touch today to tell us that the team on the ground in Sumatra have actually been able to source 2, 500 cocoa trees with the money we have raised so far from the sales of our Tuan & Tuantoo chocolate orangutans, rather than the c325 we thought we had been able to buy!! 

They are currently preparing a 2 hectare plot in Sumatra ready to plant the 2,500 cocoa trees (& other taller shade trees) in the near future and will be able to send us pictures of their progress soon. What wonderful news & an exciting project for 2020 to watch the trees grow.

We now need to fund enough trees for another similarly sized plot of land, so please keep supporting this valuable work by buying our Tuans & Tuantoos - for every one sold, we can actually plant x2 trees!

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