Our Christmas Cascade is one of Country Life's "little luxuries"

Our Christmas Cascade is one of Country Life's

Country Life recently reviewed our Christmas Cascade, and we were amused by the lovely words they had to say about it!

Our Christmas Cascade consists of 3 boxes of fresh Christmas Chocolates, with 50 chocolates in total - enough for you to share with friends and family throughout the festive period, each one of them in our uniquely designed Christmas selection boxes.

Full of award-winners from 2018 and previous years also, Country Life showcased the cascade in their shopping list for Christmas 2018 as one of a "few little luxuries which, in a world too full of strife and woe, will help you ease your way through life with a smile on your face".

When talking about our chocolates, they said "The only complaint I’ve heard about these chocolates is that one can’t get them out of the boxes fast enough to satiate one’s craving". "As the three tiered box is joyously referred to as a ‘cascade’, may I suggest forgoing formalities and simply pouring them down one’s gullet?"

Whilst we normally recommend sitting and enjoying these one at a time with family and friends, that second option may be a route you wish to take!

Pre-order your Christmas Cascade of 50 chocolates and we will deliver in time for Christmas - these are made with fresh cream and aren't available until mid-December!

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