Devon blogger Chris McGuire reviews our 65% Mega Milk Easter Egg

Devon blogger Chris McGuire reviews our 65% Mega Milk Easter Egg

Exeter independent journalist & blogger, Chris McGuire reviewed our 65% Madagascar Mega Milk Easter Egg this week & had this to say about it:

Chococo’s Madagascar Mega Milk

You know, it’s rare that something looks as good as it tastes. Even rarer still that it tastes as good as it looks. Today, I’ve discovered one of those rare marriages in Chococo’s Madasgascar Mega Milk Easter Egg.

It’s left me slightly off balance.

Why? Well, to be frank, I’m used to Easter Eggs being slightly ephemeral creations. Trinkets that promise so much, yet deliver very little. Like candy floss, they leave no lingering sensation other than anticlimactic disappointment. As a kid, Easter was a big deal for me, perhaps even bigger than Christmas. I was a lover of chocolate, I’d gorge myself on it every year, much to the chagrin of my parents. The thing was I found the eating of the eggs massively unfulfilling. Although they all looked so different in their outer shells, reds and golds in tinfoil that’s far too good for any chicken, they all tasted the same. Sugary and unmemorable. I’d over eat in the hope that the next mouthful would satiate my need for… with retrospect I’m pretty sure it was ‘flavour’. This frustration meant that for a long time I let Easter drift – in terms of eggs, at least.

Recently however, I discovered Chococo with their refreshing approach to our chocolatey favourites. With them, I’ve learned my previous craving was fuelled by sugar, it was also this sugary need that left me empty – it essentially was the driving force behind a series of very dull eggs. Now, far be it from me to sound like some Pauline evangelist, who after a road to Damascus-style experience changed my ways. That is, I admit, a little extreme. I did, however, experience a minor epiphany when I first tried their MegaMilk chocolate. Imagine a milk chocolate with all the integrity of a dark choc. If you watch enough cooking shows on TV you’ll hear chefs drone on and on about ‘depth of flavour’.

Yet that’s what the Madagascar Mega Milk has got, with 65% cocoa solids and 27% milk, there’s far less sugar. The result is a quite different experience. I feel like someone whose been heavily salting my food for a lifetime, who then tries eating without. I can actually taste flavours and not just one note. There’s a richness, but then there’s almost a savouriness there too. You taste creaminess, but that’s not all you taste.  At the end of the day what you taste is chocolate, not sugar. It really is an eye-opener.

The people at Chococo are clever. If I had a product as good as this, I’d just drop it into any old container and know it would fly off the shelves. But the perfectionism that goes into the chocolate lingers into the look of the egg. The box is ridiculously tactile, the chocolate is amazingly tempered – as we know being badly tempered is a bad thing, jokes about my ex-girlfriends aside.

The Madagascar Mega Milk is the perfect egg to give someone this Easter. Not only will the recipient of the gift think you’ve put some effort in, but if you’re lucky you may just be able to share it with them.
Or perhaps you should just buy two?

Chris McGuire @McGuireski

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