NEW to Chococo for Chocolate Week... Chocpresso!

A Chocpresso is our interpretation of a chocolate equivalent of an espresso coffee. It is simply an intense pure shot of 75% Tanzania origin dark chocolate blended with water.

There still seems to be lots of confusion out there about whether chocolate is dairy-free - so we want to confirm that dark chocolate is naturally dairy-free & so this delicious drink is not only dairy-free but is also therefore vegan and gluten-free (as ALL chocolate is naturally gluten-free - we are even more puzzled as to why lots of people seem to think that all chocolate contains gluten. It doesnt naturally, you have to add a gluten-based ingredient to it to make it gluten-free & we flag any item that we make that does contain it!)

Our single origin 75% Tanzania dark chocolate is very smooth on the palette with slight yellow fruit notes...our customers often mention bananas when they taste it!