Say hello to our new Chococo Gelato

Say hello to our new Chococo Gelato

Finally, we can reveal what we have been working on in top secret over the winter...Chococo Gelato! We launched our first flavours in our Swanage Chocolate House on March 14th and is now in Exeter & Winchester too. The gelato display unit goes into our Horsham chocolate house this week & so the team will be ready to serve from Thursday 4th April, just in time for the start of the Easter holidays!

We decided it was time to offer you the flavours of our most popular and award-winning chocolates in gelato form, so that you can enjoy the taste of Chococo year round, even in the heat of the summer!

By the way, if you think Gelato is just a trendy hipster word for ice cream, think again! Invented in Florence in Italy in the 16th century, gelato is the Italian word for frozen & properly made gelato is different to regular ice cream in several ways - it contains less fat & slightly less sugar, is denser than ice cream (some ice creams contain as much as 100% extra air which both dilutes flavour & is a bit of a con for you) & is served at a slightly warmer temperature than ice cream - this means it is softer but richer in consistency & taste - that few degrees makes all the difference on your taste buds...the colder the ice cream, the less flavour you can taste.

With Chococo Gelato, you will be able to enjoy both gelato flavours you might recognise (such as dark chocolate, sea salt caramel or honeycombe) along with more unusual flavours inspired by our chocolates, but with the Chococo twist of being made with the same ingredients as we use to make our chocolates - so you get to enjoy our fine flavours, only cooler!

We are also including vegan flavours in our gelato range too - so far, we have launched with our 70% Madagascar dark chocolate which has a gorgeous rich taste & creamy texture. You would never know that it is actually effectively a sorbet! We are also currently testing our passionfruit sorbet in Swanage and have lots of other fresh fruit sorbet ideas to roll out over time, plus some more adult-only gin-infused flavours too....which we hope will appeal to all our fans of our gin chocolates!

Setting up Chococo Gelato has been a massive project for us involving squeezing new gelato machines into our chocolate kitchen, lots of training, a trip to Italy (of course!) & lots of testing of potential flavours created by our gelato maestros Kev, our production manager, Jacob, one of our chocolatiers, & Chris, our operations manager turned gelato assisant. They have been experimenting in true Chococo style & the first results are now in-store, but we have a lot more other flavours waiting in the wings!

We are all over-excited about this new product range and whilst we are in testing & learning phase, will be offering our gelato at a lower price, as we make sure we get it right for you. We want to know what you think of our first flavours, so please do pop into our chocolate houses and have a taste - we have lots of little sampling wooden spoons ready to dip into whichever flavours take your fancy!

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