Chococo eggs star in the latest SortedFood Youtube video!

Chococo eggs star in the latest SortedFood Youtube video!

Wowzers were we thrilled to watch the latest video on Youtube by the SortedFood team on Chocolate Trends yesterday! They are a bunch of guys who have been friends from school days (& one is now a professional chef), with a channel to educate their millions of fans around the world with educational yet entertaining videos on food, sustainability & waste.

Yesterday they featured 4 chocolate food trends and started off by discussing fresh cocoa pods, before eating the fresh flesh around each cocoa bean inside - they actually did this slightly are only supposed to suck the sweet white flesh off and then spit the very bitter beans out! The flesh tastes like citrussy lychee by the way and they are quite right, it is fruity!

They buy all the products they showcase themselves, we did not supply them, so we were thrilled to see them hero our giant Dinosaur & Dark chocolate Ocean Eggs and that they loved them so much. Their appreciation of not just the eggs themselves (they loved that they were studded with mini chocolate shapes inside), but also our plastic-free packaging was fun to watch - showering each other in the sizzle paper at the bottom of the box is one way to demonstrate that our packaging doesn't contain any plastic! They really understood our ethos, that all our eggs are handcrafted and that we care about plastic and sourcing. We didn't supply them any information, they did their research on us themselves and to hear them say that we were doing purpose before it was trendy was heart-warming indeed.

Barry, one of the presenters, went as far as to declare our Ocean Egg the best egg he had ever eaten - praise indeed and they all decided we do 'novelty delivered with class' - we will take that!

Our website has gone a bit bonkers ever since and we are doing our best to make & pack more eggs in time for the final post going out on Wednesday. Time is very short to make a large amount of stock now as Good Friday is a bank holiday, so this is a short week post-wise! We can also only deliver to UK addresses, apologies to international SortedFood fans who were keen to buy one of our eggs.

We do have good stocks of all our eggs in our four Chocolate Houses though, so if you can visit us in Swanage, Winchester, Exeter or Horsham, you should be able to buy all our eggs. We will also be re-stocking our shops with more eggs before the weekend as well.

We will update the site as soon as more stock is available, so please keep an eye on it and any updates on social about stock levels. We will be getting an automatic alert function when an item is back in stock for all products on our site as soon as we can - but that wont happen until after Easter! We will also keep offering key Easter eggs on our site for delivery after Easter if you still really want one but miss the deadline for pre-Easter delivery.

Click here to view the Sortedteam in action on Youtube.






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