Meet new Blueberry & Lavender our chocolate & gelato August flavour of the month

Meet new Blueberry & Lavender our chocolate & gelato August flavour of the month

How better to celebrate summer proper than with blueberries, a summer fruit that is at its best now, complemented by lavender, that most quintessential summer flower which is also gives the most delicious aromatic flavour.

This particular flavour combination is much loved by chocolatiers around the world and we thought it high time we did our Chococo version. We hope you are as delighted by the results as we are. It is available as both a fresh chocolate & as a gelato for this month only, so it is a truly limited edition flavour!

Tp make the chocolate, we infuse lavender from Longbarn Lavender growers in Alresford, near Winchester in Hampshire,  into fresh Dorset cream from Craig's Farm Dairy which we then blend with white chocolate & fresh Dorset-grown blueberries. We puree the blueberries so you get a bit of texture in the ganache. And that is it, we dont add anything else, no colourings or flavourings, so the deep purple colour of this ganache is truly something to behold - make sure you look at it after taking your first bite!

To make the gelato, we follow the same principle of infusing the dried lavender into local Dorset milk from Craig's Farm Dairy & then blending that with the blueberries which we have pureed. Again, the rich purple colour is a thing of beauty!

This flavour has taken us a bit of time to get right and we asked for feedback of test batches from our customers who came to all our Chocolate House summer parties back in June.  We hope that they & you are all happy with the final result that definitely took on board the feedback we got back then!

The chocolates are available to buy online in their own box of 9 & will also be in our Large & Medium Selection boxes throughout August. They are also available to buy from the chocolate display cabinet in each of our Chocolate Houses, as is the Gelato which is also in each of our Chocolate Houses.

Happy August!

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