The FT Weekend features our Chocolate Salami as a gift "to savour"

The FT Weekend features our Chocolate Salami as a gift "to savour"

The FT Weekend magazine of November 25th 2017, features a rather stunning photo of our Chocolate Salami on a chopping board being cut with a very specal knife in their Christmas gift guide. They desribe it as a gift "to savour" and we would totally agree!

Our chocolate salami is a creation of co-founder Claire, inspired by the traditional Italian sweet fig salamis served at Christmas. For 2017, Claire has refreshed the recipe too, and judging by the response we have been getting to it whenever we sample the salami in our chocolate houses or at food events, the new recipe has been a huge success!

It is a pure blend of Madagascar 67% single origin dark chocolate with Turkish figs, dates, apricots (unsulphered of course), raisins, candied orange peel, chopped pecans and pistachios and a touch of brandy....and that is it! There is no added sugar (except for a light dusting of icing sugar around it before it is packed), but the dried fruits provide enough natural sweetness.

This salami is now both dairy-free and suitable for vegans (last year's recipe included butter which Claire has now removed) and will pair beautifully with cheeses, red wine or port & coffee at the end of a meal.

It is presented wrapped in parchment paper & traditional butcher's string, so looks like a classic meat salami...a great fun gift to give to the foodie who has tasted it all...until now!

Each salami weighs 500g, so will feed a lot of people and is best served on a wooden board with a knife for your guests to slice themselves.

Click here to buy one of our chocolate salamis as endorsed by the FT no less!

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