Chococo co-founder Claire has refreshed the recipe for our chocolate salami this year and we were delighted to see it featured in the Winter issue of BBC Good Food Vegetarian magazine as a gift idea for this Christmas.

Claire's new recipe has made this festive fruits & nuts-studded dark chocolate treat even more indulgent than last year and at the same time, is now both dairy-free and vegan!

This salami is a hand-rolled blend of 67% Madagascar origin dark chocolate with chopped Turkish figs, dates, apricots (unsulphured of course so a rich deep colour), raisins, candied orange peel, pecans, pistachios & a splash of brandy (that makes all the difference!) and NO added sugar, or anything else come to that.
The sweetness is coming from just the chocolate & the fruits inside & a tiny bit from the icing sugar it is rolled in (but to be honest, that is more for visual effect than taste!).

Each salami weighs in at just over half a kilo, so will go a long way & will serve at least 12 people quite happily.!

It makes a brilliant gift for a foodie who would appreciate such a twist on a savoury classic. It also makes a delicious finish to a meal - serve it on a chopping board & let your guests cut their own slices. It will pair beautifully with a cheeseboard, port and coffees too.

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