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Dairy-free and vegan-friendly chocolate seems to be one of the hot topics at the moment, so we have put all our non-dairy dark chocolate Easter eggs & gifts together in one category to make it really easy for you to find them all in one place.

Our range online includes; 4 boxed Easter eggs, from a pure 67% origin dark chocolate egg studded with dark chocolate seaside shapes, to a 67% origin dark egg with Colombian dark chocolate covered coffee beans inside or a very high cocoa solids single origi...

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We were delighted to see that our new single origin Madagascar 65% MegaMilk egg is one of the Top 10 Best Easter Eggs according to the Guardian today April 6th 2017.

After much tasting of over 70 eggs, they came up with their top 10 list & this is how they described our egg:

"Chocolate snobs may turn up their noses up at milk chocolate, but more fool them: this 65% cocoa single-origin Madagascan egg is utterly glorious. It's creamy, buttery-smooth, subtly fruity and, crucially, not too sweet. Bes...

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BBC Good Food (magazine & online) have included 2 of our Easter eggs in their Taste Test of the best Easter Eggs for 2017.

They give our Dinosaur Egg (green sleeve) top billing and have this to say about this "magical egg":

"Dinosaur fans will be delighted when they crack open this magical egg to discover two mini dark and white dinosaurs and ammonites. This marbled beauty is handmade, too"

They also have this to say about our Milk Honeycombe Easter Egg (yellow sleeve):

"We can see why this is one o...

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Our new Salted Caramels filled Easter Egg is featured in a review of the best Easter Eggs for 2017 by online site containing over 33,000 recipes from cookbooks & news feeds on all things food! 

This is what they have to say about our Salted Caramel Egg:

"Created by artisan chocolate company Chococo on Dorset’s Jurassic coast, this innovative-shaped egg is made with 43 per cent Venezuelan milk chocolate, which has been daintily dusted with a gold shimmer. However, crack it open and you’...

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Our Dinosaur Studded Egg was included in a feature in The Dish magazine of the Sunday Times on April 2nd 2017 about the "smorgasbord" of "brilliant Easter eggs out there".....

Each egg featured was "best" at something, and our Dinosaur egg won "Best Surprise"....why? because when you crack open the shell, you will find mini chocolate dinosaurs & ammonites inside!
We first created our Dinosaur eggs about 12 years ago, very early on in the life of Chococo, as we are based on Dorset's Jurassic Coast...

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Common misconceptions about dairy & gluten-free chocolate

Posted By Claire Burnet on 22/03/2017 14:16

Chococo co-founder Claire BurnetCo-founder Claire here again with some observations on the ever-more confusing world of "dairy-free" & "gluten-free" when it comes to chocolate - especially dark chocolate.

This was sparked by seeing two of our eggs included in an Easter egg feature in Vegetarian Living which surprised me somewhat when I saw how some of the eggs were being promoted. For example, I was a bit gobsmacked to see eggs from a High St retailer being marketed as "Made without dairy Dark chocolate eggs"...dark chocolate i...

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We were delighted to see our new Madagascar 65% MegaMilk Easter egg included in the Indy Best review of the 15 best luxury Easter Eggs published on 16th March 2017.

This is what they had to say about our MegaMilk Egg:

"This is a great one for those who find dark chocolate just a bit too intense. The 65 per cent single origin egg contains as much cocoa as most dark chocolates, but is less bitter, as well as having less sugar. The red berry flavour is also perfectly balanced by the creamy milk. plus...

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Children's Egg Decorating Workshops back for Easter in Swanage

Posted By Georgina Getliffe on 17/03/2017 15:13

Our popular Children's workshops will be back in our Swanage Chocolate House for Easter! Book now to avoid disappointment!  We will be running our Easter egg-decorating workshops on Tuesday 11th April & Friday 14th April (Good Friday) with 2 sessions per day.


Suitable for: kids age 7-12ish
Dates of workshop: Tuesday 11th April, Friday 14th April
Workshop times: 11:30am-12:30pm & 2pm-3pm
What they will do: have lots of fun decorating their own 43% Venezuelan origin milk chocolate Easter Egg!
What the...

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Elegant Earl Grey is our Chocolate of the Month for March

Posted By Georgina Getliffe on 14/03/2017 14:33

We are delighted to launch our first Chocolate Collaboration with a Devon producer - Devonshire Tea. We serve Devonshire Tea at our Exeter Chocolate House & are thrilled with this new creation!

A delightfully fragrant creation, we have infused loose leaf Earl Grey tea into a fresh Dorset cream & Venezuelan milk chocolate ganache before piping into a Madagascan 67% origin dark chocolate shell decorated with a milk chocolate dot. 

Now available in our three Chocolate Houses & online here

Let's talk about heart health & fine chocolate....

Posted By Claire Burnet on 10/03/2017 13:55

Chococo co-founder Claire Burnet

Chococo co-founder Claire here again with some food for thought for you. Some of you may have noticed that the British Heart Foundation is running a #dechox campaign this month encouraging people to raise money by giving up all chocolate.

The inference of their campaign is that all chocolate is high in sugar & is bad for you & your heart...wrong!

FINE chocolate is actually good for you as proven in many studies. You don’t have to take my word for it too as no doubt you are all now muttering, that...

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