65% Mega MILK Chocolate from Madagascar has just arrived!

65% Mega MILK Chocolate from Madagascar has just arrived!

We are very very excited to announce the launch of our new 65% Mega Milk chocolate bars from Madagascar. This single origin chocolate has just arrived into the UK & we are one of the first UK chocolate companies to be offering it to our customers.

Produced from grand cru cocoa beans grown in Sambirano in the North West of Madagascar, this dark milk chocolate is made in the Chocolaterie Robert factory in the capital Antananarivo and is quite unique as it contains only 8% added sugar!

We are describing this new milk chocolate as a Mega Milk as it is a truly mega bar of chocolate. It contains similar amounts of cocoa solids as dark chocolate bars, (many of which contain around 70% cocoa solids, but can start at c60%), BUT what is so special about this bar is that is also contains 27% milk (which is always added as a powder by the way) and the balance is sugar...just 8%

If you then include natural sugars from the lactose in the milk, the total g of sugar per 100g is only 17g which is LESS than a bar of 80% dark chocolate.

If that is not enough, this bar is also soya-free as the team in Madagascar use sunflower lecithin as an emulsifier - happy days.

This is truly unique chocolate that paves the way for everyone to enjoy chocolate that is high in cocoa solids but very low in sugar with the milk softening the intensity of the cocoa flavours.

We are all addicted to this chocolate here at Chococo and we hope you think this new dark milk chocolate is as Mega as we do!

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