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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are your chocolates gluten-free?
    Contrary to what some "free from" brands would like you to believe, ALL chocolate is naturally gluten-free and so you have to add an ingredient containing gluten for it to become an issue! None of our loose fresh chocolates or any of our range of bars, clusters, slabs or novelties currently contain gluten in their recipes but we do work with biscuits to make chocolate biscuit cakes every now & then (most are actually made at our bakery in Swanage). As we make all our items in our chocolate kitchen, we do flag on all ingredients lists & on packaging that they are made in the same room, so might contain traces. If an item definitely contains gluten, it is flagged on their product page & on their ingredients list on their page on the website.
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  2. Are your chocolates suitable for vegetarians?
    Yes, our chocolates are suitable for vegetarians - we have even checked any alcohols that we use to ensure that they are vegetarian.
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  3. Can I buy chocolates from your premises in Wareham?
    We are sorry but we do not have any shop facilities at our chocolate kitchen in Wareham where we make all our chocolates as it is not geared up for the general public. If you want to buy the widest selection of our chocolates locally, your best option is to buy them from our original Chocolate House in Swanage or order online. We also supply an independent shop called ChocoCake in Wimborne with a selection of our loose chocolates and pre-packed items and further afield, you can visit our Chocolate Houses on Winchester High St, on Gandy St in Exeter or the Carfax in Horsham to buy our full range.
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  4. Can you guarantee that your non-nut based chocolates are "100% nut-free"?
    No, we cannot give any 100% guarantee of any of our non-nut based chocolates being nut-free as we do make all our chocolates in one room and, as a result, any of our chocolates may contain nut traces. We DO work with: almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, brazils, walnuts, pistachios. We do NOT currently work with peanuts. 
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  5. Do any of your chocolates contain alcohol?
    Yes, some of our fresh chocolates & truffles have alcohol in them and are clearly marked as such in their product descriptions in the relevant selection box details & on the menu that comes with each box. Unlike lots of chocolate makers who use neutral alcohol as a preservative without advertising the fact, we do not do so. So unless it says so, our chocolates do not contain alcohol. The ones that do include alcohol include: cherry in kirsch, raspberry truffle with framboise, Peach Bellini with creme de peches liqueur, Kir royale with cassis, Blackcurrant with cassis, Black Cow vodka, Twisted Nose gin, Conker gin, Salcombe gin, Cabin Pressure Gin, Conker cold brew coffee liqueur & at Christmas; date & cognac, fig & port, mince pie with brandy & Kumquat with Cointreau. We do offer  "Alcohol-free" selection boxes if you want to select a box with definitely no alcoholic flavours inside. None of our bars, slabs, clusters, biscuit cakes, honeycombe items etc contain any alcohol.
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  6. Do you deliver on Saturdays?
    Yes, you can choose a Saturday delivery when ordering!  Please be aware however that it is a very expensive postal option and that is the cost of it to us - we are not making any money on our P&P.
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  7. Do you make any chocolates suitable for vegans?
    Yes we make a wide selection of dark chocolate items which are suitable for vegans as dark chocolate is naturally dairy-free. This includes our full range of dark chocolate studded slabs, assorted dark chocolate treats in cartons, dipped orange segments, boxes of vegan-friendly or ginger chocolates, hot chocolate flakes, origin bars, cocoa dusted cocoa beans, cocoa nibs & coffee beans...you get the idea that there is a lot! We now have a vegan category in our online shop to make it really easy to find all our vegan chocolates.
    Please be aware that for vegans who dont eat honey, that our dark chocolate honeycombe bars are not suitable as we make our honeycombe with local Purbeck honey.
    Whilst all our dark chocolate vegan-friendly items comply with vegan requirements in terms of their recipes, please be aware that we cannot guarantee that they are 100% free from any traces of dairy, egg or honey etc as we do make all our chocolates in one environment.
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  8. Do you make any dairy-free chocolates?
    Yes we do make a wide selection of items in dark chocolate which do not contain any dairy and are therefore also suitable for vegans. However, we cannot guarantee that they will be 100% dairy-free as we make everything in one room & do work with milk and other dairy products. Note: Any dark chocolate gifts that are "suitable for anyone intolerant to dairy" are listed as such in the detailed information for that product.
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  9. Do you work with raw egg in your chocolate kitchen?
    No - the only chocolate we work with that contains egg is our lemon curd chocolate and the lemon curd is supplied to us by a local preserves company as a finished item. We actually do not have any ovens in our chocolate kitchen in Wareham, so there is no cooking involving eggs happening there! We do of course work with eggs in our bakery in Swanage which supplies our chocolate houses with brownies & other bakery items. These items do not enter our chocolate kitchen in Wareham though.

  10. Do you make your chocolate from cocoa beans?
    No. We work with "couverture" chocolate as do most artisan chocolatiers. It comes to us in large blocks or buttons to then temper & create our beautiful chocolates. Making couverture from beans is a different skill base & one that also requires a lot of space & machinery that we do not have. We liken ourselves to being like bakers - they work with flour to make their artisan breads, we work with couverture that has been processed for us, to make all our chocolates. We also strongly believe in working with fine couverture chocolate that is truely origin in every sense of the word in that it is processed in its country of origin - from the cocoa beans to the chocolate. This means working with fresher beans, local sugar (& milk if milk chocolate) & importantly, local labour which adds significantly more to the local economy than exporting raw cocoa beans to be processed in the West.
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  11. Do you offer factory tours?
    We do not offer tours as our production space in Wareham is not geared up for visitors.
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  12. Do you run chocolate events for children or adults?
    Yes we do. We can offer chocolate tasting events at all our Chocolate Houses plus more interactive workshops in Exeter, Horsham & Swanage. Our chocolate kitchen opposite our original Chocolate House in Swanage is a great space for us to offer chocolate making workshops for adults & childrens birthday parties. You can book the space for a private party or book into workshops which take place in most holidays. There is information about all our chocolate events in all our locations on our website on the Parties & Workshops page. We also recommend that the best way to keep up to date with any news on workshops & the availability of them in holiday periods etc, is to join our mailing list or Facebook page. We will publish any workshops updates in our emails, Twitter & Facebook page for members to keep up to date with all our news.
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  13. Do you send chocolates overseas?
    You can order our chocolates from anywhere in the world but we are only able to send our chocolates to SELECTED countries in Europe via international airsure. We send to: France, Belgium, Eire, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, Luxembourg & Austria. If you enter a delivery address for any of these countries when ordering, a small surcharge will automatically be added to your order to cover the cost of international airsure. Unfortunately we do NOT send to Spain, Portugal or Italy as we have found by bitter experience that their postal services take too long for our perishable chocolates to handle. We do not send to the USA, Canada or the rest of the world for the same reason. If you would like us to use a courier service for faster delivery, please contact us to discuss the cost implications.
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  14. Do you use a courier to send the chocolates?
    Most of our items are sent by Royal Mail as we find postmen very efficient at delivering to domestic addresses. We offer a variety of postal options from 3-5 standard delivery to guaranteed pre-1pm next day service. We recommend that a work address is provided for delivery of the item. If the receipient is not in to receive the item, the postman will leave a card & the item can be collected from the local delivery depot. We would use a courier however, if you place a very large order with us that weighs over 2kg in total.
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  15. Do you work with diabetic chocolate?
    We do not work with any "diabetic" chocolate as to be honest, we dont believe in it! We only work with fine quality dark chocolate which means low sugar levels of 30-25% and less. Such high quality dark chocolate also has a low glycaemic index. We understand that there is much debate about the quality & role of "diabetic" foods within the diabetic community & that they may not actually be that good for diabetics. We advise any diabetic who is unsure of what to eat wrt to chocolate to consult their GP/practice nurse & have a look at the Diabetes UK website where you will find a joint statement from the Food Standards Agency & Diabetes UK about "diabetic foods". In summary, the statement says that: "There is no single food that people with diabetes must not eat & they do not have to cut out sugar totally. However, like everybody, people with diabetes are recommended to eat only small amounts of food that are high in sugar &/or high in fat."
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  16. Do your chocolates contain nuts?
    We do work with a variety of different nuts including hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts, cashews, almonds and brazils but not currently peanuts. As our chocolate kitchen is one room, we cannot guarantee that any of our chocolates, even if they do not overtly contain nuts, are 100% nut-free.
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  17. Does your chocolate contain soya?
    Our house milk chocolate does NOT contain soya lecithin but our house dark & white origin chocolates do contain a small amount of soya lecithin. However, we do also work with other grades which are soya-free. This includes the 70%, 85% & 100% Madagascar origins we work with (& the 70% is our house hot chocolates in our chocolate houses), 65% milk and vegan milc. 
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  18. How do I find your Chocolate Houses?
    There is an interactive google map on each of the shops pages for our Swanage, Winchester, Exeter & Horsham Chocolate Houses giving details of location, opening times & other useful information.
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  19. How quickly will you send me my chocolates?
    Within on average of 3 days. We are also able to deliver items for next day delivery if orders are placed by noon, subject to availability.
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  20. If your chocolates are fresh should I wait to order closer to the time that I want them?
    No! With our service, you can place your order today for us to send out fresh chocolates to you or direct to your intended recipient for a date in the future. At peak times (especially Christmas) we strongly advise that you pre-order early for delivery of freshly made chocolates later, to ensure that your order of freshly handmade chocolates will be guaranteed to arrive. If you leave it to order at the last minute, we may not be able to fulfill your request as our volume will be already commited & there is a limit to how much we can make! When ordering online, all you have to do is select your preferred future delivery date using the calendar function.
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  21. Are your Chocolate Houses open on Sundays?
    Yes. All our chocolate houses are open 7 days a week & the opening times for our shops in Swanage, Winchester, Exeter & Horsham are on the shops pages on this site. 
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  22. What happens if no-one is in to receive the chocolates?
    All items sent by recorded, guaranteed or Saturday deliver will require a signature on delivery. If no-one is in, a card will be left by the postman and the item can either be collected from the local delivery office or a re-delivery can be arranged. Royal Mail are now offering an online re-delivery service so that you do not have to call them first, just arrange it via their website at royalmail.com. Please note that if no one is available to accept delivery, or if goods become unsuitable as a result of non-delivery, we cannot accept liability. We therefore highly recommend that a work delivery address is provided where possible.
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  23. Where can I buy your chocolates?
    We offer our full range of both fresh Dorset cream chocolates & truffles & all our other chocolate gifts at our shops in Swanage, Winchester, Exeter, Horsham & on our website. Locally, we also supply a number of delicatessans & independent shops in Dorset at key times of year, including Christmas & Easter, with a selection of pre-packed gifts such as Christmas trees, Easter eggs, lollies, bars & nut-based selection boxes. Nationally, we supply Wholefoods Market stores, Liberty, Harvey Nichols & other independent stores around the country. However, they usually will only take a very small selection from what we offer & do not stock any of our fresh cream chocolates & truffles. If you want to buy those, either visit us in Swanage, Winchester, Exeter, Horsham or buy online.

  24. Do you make your Chococo Gelato or is someone else making it for you?
    Our Chococo Gelato is all made in-house in our chocolate kitchen in Wareham! We decided to start making our own as we want to offer unique flavours based on & using the same ingredients as, many of our award-winning chocolates. We have a small batch freezer for our gelato maestros to make small batches every day & we ship them to our chocolate houses in our freezer van, so the flavours you are enjoying are still v fresh!

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