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Meet the Team

We have grown into quite a team – a bit different to start up back in 2002 when it was just Andy & Claire doing everything with a toddler in tow!



  • AKA: The Top Tipper
  • Most Likely To Be Found Eating: Arbequina & Sea Salt
  • Proudest Chococo moment:
    Winning a 3 Star Gold Great Taste Award in 2018 for our Blackcurrant Beauty for the 2nd time - it also won in '09! 
  • Most life changing event:
    Sailing around the world on yacht Commercial Union in the BT Global Challenge in 1996/7
  • Can Be Heard Saying:
    Cherub, top tip of the day, cool beans



  • AKA: Mr Messy
  • Most Likely To Be Found Eating: Honeycombe!
  • Proudest Chococo moment:
    Opening our 4th Chocolate House in Horsham just weeks after extended the cafe of our Swanage Chocolate House
  • Most life changing event:
    Driving to Cape Town BC3 (Before Claire, Before Children, Before Chocolate)
  • Can Be Heard Saying: 

Chris V

Retail Analyst

  • AKA: the spreadsheet king (& chief chocista)
  • Most Likely To Be Found Eating: Agave Honeycombe
  • Proudest Chococo moment:
    Seeing all four of our Chocolate Houses filled with lots of happy customers
  • Most life changing event:
    Travelling around the world for over a year.

  • Can Be Heard Saying:
    No Worries

Chris F

Operations Manager

  • AKA: Christof King of Operations
  • Most Likely To Be Found Eating: 65% Milk
  • Proudest Chococo moment:
    Building a great team of chocolatiers & packing folk who are excited about taking on new challenges 
  • Most life changing event:
    Getting engaged in Iceland and buying a flat within 2 weeks of each other!
  • Can Be Heard Saying:


Exeter Chocolate House Manager

  • AKA: The Most Energetic One
  • Most Likely To Be Found Eating: Perfect Passion
  • Proudest Chococo moment:
    Winning Best Indie Retailer of the Year in the Food Magazine reader awards in January 2019
  • Most life changing event:
    When I was 21 I moved to Rome for a year. You learn a lot about what you can do when you’re all alone in a foreign country!
  • Can Be Heard Saying:
Hayleigh our Horsham manager


Horsham Chocolate House Manager

  • AKA: The Perky One
  • Most Likely To Be Found Eating: Heavenly Honeycombe 
  • Proudest Chococo moment:
    Being promoted from Assistant Manager to Store Manager.
  • Favourite Holiday destination:
    I love travelling but it has to be Venice - it is so unique & the views around the city are just amazing
  • Can Be Heard Saying:
    Perfect or That's lovely!


Swanage Chocolate House Manager

  • AKA: The Always Positive One
  • Most Likely To Be Found Eating:  Totally Twisted Nose

  • Proudest Chococo moment: 
    Being with Chococo in Swanage for 15 years!
  • Proudest Life achievement: 
    my 3 amazingly tall sons
  • Can Be Heard Saying: 
Kevin our Winchester manager


Winchester Chocolate House Manager

  • AKA: Mr Calm
  • Most Likely To Be Found Eating: Dorset Sea Salt Caramel
  • Proudest Chococo moment:
    Surviving Christmas
  • Most life changing event:
    The introduction of Gold chocolate (game changer)
  • Can Be Heard Saying: 
    Mmmmm (too loudly at inappropriate moments)


Marketing Design Executive

  • AKA: the smiley one
  • Most Likely To Be Found Eating: Dorset Sea Salt Caramel
  • Proudest Chococo moment so far:
    Sourcing & re-designing weather proof signage for the Exeter team's Christmas market chalet - it was needed!
  • Most memorable holiday destination:
    San Fransisco, especially the views of the amazing bay
  • Can Be Heard Saying: That's cute


Digital & Social Comms & Marketing

  • AKA: The Creative Digital Queen
  • Most Likely To Be Found Eating: Pistachio, also followed v closely by Lemon Zing!
  • Proudest Chococo moment:
    Building engagement on our social feeds, especially Instagram
  • Most life changing event: 
  • Buying a campervan & travelling around Europe
  • Can Be Heard Saying: That's not a problem

Phil our retail operations manager


Retail Operations Manager

  • AKA: Give me a Challenge Man
  • Most Likely To Be Found Eating: Lemon Zing or a cinnamon bun
  • Proudest Chococo moment: Helping the managers progress with their training 
  • Most life changing event:
    the birth of my son Jackson
  • Can Be Heard Saying:  I'll get it sorted 
Jason our finance manager


Finance Manager

  • AKA: The Numbers King
  • Most Likely To Be Found Eating:
    Tutti Fruiti
  • Proudest Chococo moment: 
  • Automation of the daily chocolate house cash sheets saving time & improving efficiency
  • Most life changing event:
    the birth of my first child
  • Can Be Heard Saying: How much?!

Emma F

Packing Team Leader

  • AKA: The Crisp Connoisseur
  • Most Likely To Be Found Eating: Perfect Passion
  • Proudest Chococo moment:
    Making sure the products look beautiful in their packaging

  • Most life changing event:
    Getting married to Chris our Operations manager!
  • Can Be Heard Saying: Yay, crisp Friday!


Bakery Production Manager

  • AKA: Kevlar
  • Most Likely To Be Found Eating: Lemon Zing
  • Proudest Chococo moment:
    Successfully managing our chocolatiers & now developing the Chococo bakery business
  • Most life changing event:
    Having Children
  • Can Be Heard Saying: Yo Yo!

The Rest of Our Team

Chocolatier Manager Tim is supported by Emma, Jacqui, Dan, Jacob & Jordan.
Packing team leader Emma is supported by: Stacey, Dawn, Penny, Katy, Jackie & Linda 
Cheryl helps Jason look after our finances.
Steve is our delivery driver, transporting our fresh chocolates from our chocolate kitchen in Wareham to each of our 4 Chocolate Houses. 
Blair supports Kev in our Swanage-based bakery making delicious cakes, bakes & scones for all our cafés.
We also have a fantastic team who look after all our customers visiting our 4 Chocolate Houses, including Charlotte, Dawn, Evie, Hayleigh, Hannah, Julie, Sarah, Roxanne and many more!

& last but not least, the Chococo support crew, aka our family...




  • AKA: Claire's Mum & (retired) creator of the famous Granny's Tablet & responsible for inspiring Claire's love of food & flavour
  • Former life: Miss Moneypenny
  • Favourite chocolate: Gorgeous Ginger
  • Proudest Chococo moment: Winning Great Taste Awards for both flavours
  • FAQ answer: Yes I am from Scotland & yes the recipe is an old family secret...



  • AKA: Our eco warrior
  • Age: 19
  • Occupation: Ocean Science & Marine Conservation student at Plymouth University
  • Favourite chocolate: Pistachio 
  • Life Goals: to do her bit to save coral reefs
  • Loves: triathlons, sailing (dinghies & offshore), sea swimming, her SUP, cycling, running, jazz & any other exhausting activity she can find


  • AKA: Max Man
  • Age:  14
  • Occupation: IT geek
  • Very proud of this skill: Building a computer & learning the electric guitar
  • Favourite Chococo treat: Isnt that fussed about chocolate to be honest!
  • Loves: computers, handball, hockey, gig rowing, kayaking, swimming, sailing & talking in capital letters