100% Ecuador origin Single Estate Hot Chocolate Flakes (vf)

No dairy in recipe
Recyclable packaging
Vegan friendly
Free gift message
Plastic-free packaging

These are the perfect flakes to create a truly personalised hot chocolate to suit you - you are in control of the type and amount of sugar if you wish to add any!

  • Cocoa content: 100%
  • Single estate: Hacienda Zoilita, Ecuador
  • Cocoa varietal: heritage arriba
  • Flavour notes: intense strong cocoa
  • 100% = no sugar but you can add sugar to taste
  • Chocolate made for us by Martinetti Cocoa in Ecuador
  • Direct Trade chocolate - no middlemen!
  • Flaked by us at our chocolate kitchen in Dorset
  • Naturally vegan-friendly if made with any plant milk