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Our Carbon Footprint

We are carbon neutral because we believe that our carbon footprint today will impact our kids’ lives in the future. No-one can be 100% sure how it will impact us but we believe it’s the responsible thing to do to minimize our footprint today.

Working with co2balance, part of the CarbonZero Group, we have had a carbon audit and we:

  • Have offset all our UK mail order deliveries
  • are reducing our energy usage
  • recycle as much as we can
  • avoid plastic in our packaging wherever possible - all our selection boxes are made of just cardboard, (no plastic vac forms securing chocolates in our boxes), & we have had cardboard postal boxes made to fit to cut down on excess mail order packaging
  • give 10% off to customers who bring their boxes back to our shop for a re-fill
  • give all our ribbons offcuts & packaging remnants to our local primary schools for arts & crafts
  • use wooden spoons & cardboard pots for our takeaway ice-cream sundaes
  • have banned plastic cups at our water coolers & wash up proper cups each night
  • re-use packaging from deliveries we have received - outer boxes & insulating materials all get re-used so some of our larger customers often receive our chocolates in a surprising outer box as we have recycled it!
  • encourage our staff to walk or cycle to work and most do.

Our remaining carbon is offset by supporting co2balance projects in Kenya to supply solar ovens and also planting native British trees in a managed Devon woodland.

If you want to find out more about the work co2balance are doing, have a look at www.co2balance.com